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About Us

About Us

Sangisathi Charitable Foundation is a charitable, social and religious organisation aimed at preserving the traditional art forms of India. Any profits earned are used for charitable purposes for the development of mankind. Our motto "Manushyanam Abhyudayam Asmakam Dhyey" translates to - “The development and progress of mankind is our goal." Poverty is one of the nation’s biggest killer, and we are trying to fight against it; making India a better place to live in for everyone - the rich or the poor. We believe that working logically and strategically will help us reach our goal of giving back to this world a lot more than we’ve received.

We see a world where everyone can get equal services, despite their race, gender, religion or even class. We have been strategizing to bring forth the best prices for the people, while obtaining the best quality items from the artisans ethically and sustainably. We also strongly believe in the Make In India initiative by the Government of India. Our values and dreams are in line with this initiative as our aim is to uplift the small artisans from small villages in India and help them in increasing their survival to make their traditional art famous and spreading it across India and globally in the near future.

This, when paired with reasonable rates, will not only help the artisans but the general people who are currently being blindsided into paying extensively high prices. We believe that the whole world is a family, and through this initiative, we are just trying to help all the members of our family by introducing ethical and sustainable fashion.

Our team
We are governed by a board of trustees, who are responsible for running the organisation, including the implementation of strategies and tactics. Join our team to help the world: Every contribution in this initiative counts, and our work is powered by your support. All the support will have a massive impact on someone’s life. If you are interested in partnering with us, just drop us an email at